The Coconut plucking service and Honey Bee Rescue Service

1) Coconut Safety Net

Coconut safety net
Coconut Safety Net

The safety net -

-To protect against falling coconuts and leaves and to safeguard people and vehicles from coconuts and other falling objects.

-Also solves issue with your neighbor or Road side facing tree problems

-Now you can allow your child playing down the tree without any fear.

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2) Coconut Plucking

Coconut Plucking
Coconut Fruit Plucking

We pluck your mature coconuts from Tree and cut old leaf also clean dust from head of tree.

We conserve coconut trees. We discourage cutting of small immature coconut fruits and green leaves as it damages the tree health.

  • Terms And condition for Coconut Tree Plucking Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

1) We Only remove Tender coconut And Mature Coconut .

2) We only remove or cut the bottom of one layer 5 dried leaves.

3) WE only remove dried waste from the tree. (i.e Resha, Poya, Zadi zavalya)

4)  WE drop the matured coconut directly  on Ground/floor.

5)  We lower  the tender coconut with the help of rope on the ground.

6)  3 Visit Done In one Year at every  4 month interval.

7)  We Drop / lower the whole  coconut bunch off the tree And in that we do  not separate the coconut.

8)  We Work only On Trees. You Have to Arrange a Helper to pick up the trash that falls down.

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3) Coconut Treatment

We have ALL type of solutions for Coconut Tree pest and Diseases

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Damaged Coconut

You can see the gum like dinkya disease on this coconut. It damages size and quality of coconut. We treat such trees for better yield.

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4) Honey Bee Hive Safe Removal(Rescue)

Honey Bee Rescue Service
Honey Bee Rescue Service

Without killing the bees, we remove their hive from your tall building or tall tree and relocate them far away from your premise.

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We are happy to see your efforts to conserve and save honeybees hive. We feel proud to be associated with people like you. 

As part of honeybee hive removal, we give smoke by burning green leaves mixed with dry. This is pure organic smoke. 

✅Steps to be taken before we arrive at location:
In this entire process we want to ensure complete safety of honeybees, humans and also property. Before we come pl ensure closure of all doors and windows in own building as well as buildings facing the beehive. Also remove any combustible material on the floor at which beehive is attached as well as all floors below & above the beehive.

5) Mango Tree Treatment

(for More quantity and good Quality of Mangoes)

Mango Tree Treatment

We apply organic spray to entire mango tree with our modern Hitech spraying machine. This spray helps increase and sustain flowering resulting into higher yield of mangoes. This spray also reduces the premature fruit and flower fall. This spray also protects mangoes from all pest and insects.

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6) Jeevamrut and Neem Ark Spray Services

Jeevamrut & Neem Ark Spray

We apply organic spray to entire Garden. This spray helps increase and sustain flowering resulting into higher yield of trees. This spray also provide the nutrients that crops needs. and, it helps to cure diseases and will control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens. This spray also protects Garden and tree from all pest and insects.

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7) Tree Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment uses a Spray & Kaav technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement.

Benefits :

It completely kills termites unlike regular pest control that just repels them.

Highly effective, hassle-free and a safe treatment used in all developed countries.

Protects infested woodwork with chemicals that will not just kill the existing termites, but also protect it from future termite infestation.

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8) Coconut 11 Spiral Services

Coconut 11 Spiral Services

We pluck your mature coconuts from Tree and tie all leaves from Rope with systematically.

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9) Jeevamrut Services


We give Jeevamrut service for garden. It's hard to come across an organic gardener who has not heard of jeevamrut. 

The ingredients needed for this are easy to source and it's easy to prepare, too.


Cow dung and Gomutra are well know fertilizers used by our ancestors for ages. the results of this fertilizer need no proof.

Jeevamrut uses the goodness of these two items and enriches the yield of the crops and the soil it is planted in.

The goodness of jeevamrut and its advantages are well known.

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