The Coconut plucking service and Honey Bee Rescue Service

1) Coconut Safety Net

safety net
Safety Net

The safety net -

-To protect against falling coconuts and leaves and to safeguard people and vehicles from coconuts and other falling objects.

-Also solves issue with your neighbour or Road side facing tree problems

-Now you can allow your child playing down the tree without any fear.

2) Coconut Plucking

Coconut Plucking
Coconut Plucker

We pluck your mature coconuts from Tree and cut old leaf also clean dust from head of tree

3) Coconut Treatment

We have ALL type of solutions for Coconut Tree pest and Diseases

Damaged Coconut

You can see the gum like dinkya disease on this coconut. It damages size and quality of coconut. We treat such trees for better yield.

4) Honey Bee Hive Safe Removal

Honeybee Hive Removal

Without killing the bees, we remove their hive from your tall building or tall tree and relocate them far away from your premise.

Call 8657166943 for help.

5) Mango Tree Treatment

(for More quantity and good Quality of Mangoes)

Mango Tree Treatment

We apply organic spray to entire mango tree with our modern Hitech spraying machine. This spray helps increase and sustain flowering resulting into higher yield of mangoes. This spray also reduces the premature fruit and flower fall. This spray also protects mangoes from all pest and insects.